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Trade News
Fujitsu expands range of latching relays

Fujitsu Components Europe has expanded its range of one- and two-coil latching relays with V2/V3 power relays.

Latching relays have two stable states (set and reset) and require only a short voltage pulse to change state.   The relay remains in its state until a second pulse returns the relay back to the initial or reset state.This type of relay keeps the  contact operating by a bi-stable position of the armature because a permanent magnet is incorporated in the magnetic circuit.This results in limited power consumption and low heat generation.Fujitsu's latching relays  are  said  to  be cost efficient and environmentally friendly.The latching-relay range consists of power, automotive and signal relays.The recently added V2/V3 latching power relays are capable of switching 100/120A at 277VAC.


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